Shaka Tea logo for Shaka MovieOur Shaka ohana grew this week with the addition of the Shaka Tea group. Shaka Tea comes in with a huge dose of aloha, a good amount of cash and bottle service at Shaka movie events including at the ID8 Studios Grand Opening on May 6, 2021 where Shaka, the Power of Aloha was featured as a local Hawai‘i production. Shaka Tea President Bella Hughes and Director of Hawai‘i Ag & Community Development Mosese ‘Ohia flew in from their Hilo headquarters to the Oahu ID8 Grand Open.

All Natural, Zero Calories, Indigenous, Sustainable

What’s great about this partnership is that Shaka Tea lives and breathes the moral of the Shaka story. It’s a success story of making something out of nothing, making grace from grit, finding nirvana through nature. Shaka Tea is made from an indigenous Hawaiian herb called Mamaki. There’s no sugar added. And they grow it in the state of Hawaii so every bottle exports a little bit of Hawaiian love to a lucky consumer somewhere on the plant. They reach is vast now with distribution across the United States and beyond.

We’re so thankful to Shaka Tea for their Kokua in making the Shaka film come to life and we look forward to living the aloha spirit with them for years to come.