Individual Donors

Donate to support the production and promotions to the world. Donations are Tax Deductible. Donors receive a tax deduction letter. Please consult an accountant for tax advice. Pay via credit card below or send checks made out to “ID8” at 1012 18th Ave. Honolulu, HI, 96816:

Cameos, End Credits & More!

*Logo End Credits: Logo panels appear for 2-second scrolling to ensure readability. Panels are single and multiple logos per panel (for example, a single logo is one logo viewable on screen while a 2x group logo is two sponsor logos on screen. Supporters with packages that include logos must upload their logos, 1G maximum file size, to this website in vector art (AI or EPS) format by 12/01/23 or forfeit their right to their logo placement.

**Cameos: Cameos appear in the end credits, either along with the sponsor's logo placement or elsewhere in the end credits with a supporter title caption. Cameo production is provided by respective supporters. There is no limit as to number of people who can appear in a cameo. Supporters must deliver 1G maximum file size cameo videos or still picture to ID8, the producer by 12/01/23 or forfeit their right to their cameo placement.


Are Support Levels Un-Limited?

Yes. You can donate any amount desired. And while many programs limit the number of top level sponsorships, this program acknowledges that the Shaka story is for all of Hawaii's people and as such seeks to be entirely inclusive and sharing with this story. There are no limitations on number or type of supporters. For example, all media outlets are welcome to participate and no exclusives will be offered. 

Are In-Kind Donations Acceptable for Supporter Packages?

Yes, but they must be approved of by the production team prior to being recognized. This may include media and promotional services, logo merchandise, production services and other value adds to the film.

Can individuals get credits and cameos on their own?

Yes. Individual donors may select support packages to gain end credits and cameos.

What is an End Credit?

An End Credit is a text recognition of a specific person or entity. The minimum donation for an End Credit in this film is $100. Donors may indicate any name to be acknowledged. Donations may also be anonymous. Depending upon support level, placement and visibility varies. Supporters qualifying for logo placements are responsible for uploading their own vector logo art by registering via the Sponsors Form »

What is a Cameo?

A cameo is a short video clip or still photograph of a person or persons ~ in this case, ideally throwing epic Shakas. Any number of people may be included in a cameo. The more the merrier!

How are Cameos shot?

Supporters qualifying for cameo placements are responsible for producing and proviing their own video footage or still photography, ideally high resolution (4K). Content must be provided by 12/31/23 to ID8 as the producer of the film. Supporters not delivering cameo content by 12/31/23 forfeit their right to their cameo placement.