Host a Test Screening

Schools, companies, organizations and other groups are invited to present free TEST SCREENINGS of “Shaka, A Story of Aloha.” See Trailer »

    • Test screenings are focus group viewings of a “Rough Cut” version of our film presented to gain insight to drive the final edit of the film. Test screenings are NOT “Premieres” and should not be referenced as such. Further, a Rough Cut is not a completed film and may include notations that describe improvements to be made.
    • Test Screenings must be free. No entry or viewing fees may be charged as a test screening is a non-commercial test viewing of an uncompleted work in progress.
    • Exit Survey & discussion with filmmaker(s). A short online Exit Survey (accessible via QR code) will gather audience comments followed by a discussion with the filmmaker(s).
    • Fundraising for the film is encouraged. The film is a 501C3 project to share aloha with with world. We are in need of funds for film finishing and film festival visitations, thus seeking cash donations (tax deductible), and income from sales of Shaka Merchandise, cocktail/meal sales, silent auctions and other fundraising vehicles. At least 50% of any fundraising activity must be donated to this film project.
    • Target at least 100 viewers. Most schools, community rooms and other gathering spaces accommodate 100-400 seats.
    • Presenters can control their own guest list. An RSVP system like is suggested to not exceed room capacity limits. We can also assist in running Eventbite.
    • Projection & Sound by Presenter. Most schools, community centers have built-in projection equipment. Outdoor inflatable projection equipment and screens are also amazingly affordable, typically a few hundred dollars per event. Mics and PA are also helpful, especially for the discussion segment.
    • AV Connections. We hand-carry in the film on jump drive with laptop computer. Ports include USB and HDMI options.
    • Apply to Present the film by viewing our Screening Calendar to find dates/times that don’t conflict with other screenings, then complete the form below.
We Provide
  1. The Film
  2. Explain what a Test Screening is during Welcome.
  3. Exit Survey (via QR code posters)
  4. Discussion Team (members of the film’s creative team)
  5. Shaka Merchandise
  6. Link for online donations
  7. We can also provide/manage Eventbrite RSVP system 
You Provide
  1. Location (w/ screen, projection & audio system)
  2. Invites
  3. Check-in
  4. Emcee to Welcome, intro the Exit Survey and moderate the Discussion.
  5. Emcee to push for donations (give via Exit Survey or visit
  6. If not Oahu, provide travel, ground transportation, meals & lodging for 2-3 of our team. In some cases, travel costs may be already paid for by others or may be shared by multiple presenters. Inquire for our travel schedule to see if others have booked for showings near you.
Event Format
  1. Welcome Intro (explanation of Test Screening).
  2. Film (70 minutes)
  3. Exit Survey & Bathroom Break (5 minutes)
  4. Discussion with Filmmaker(s) (15-60 minutes)
  5. Cocktails, meals or fundraising segments are allowed before and after. 

Editable Google Doc

This 8.5″ x 11″ flyer is available for you to clone and edit your own text, QR code and Presenter Logo(s). Visit & Clone »

Shaka Screening Poster

EventBrite Cover

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Oahu Events

For Oahu, we have an illuminated Shaka sculpture available for photos.

Project Shaka Sculpture

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