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This is a prime opportunity to prove that you’re part of Hawai‘i. By supporting, you’ll be sharing the values of the Shaka and the spirit of aloha. The world is sorely in need of a dose of hang loose positivity and you can help.

  • Build Your Brand: Associate your company, organization or ohana a key Hawai‘i story.
  • Teach Shaka Values: Use the Shaka film in Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DEI) and visioning sessions.
  • Preserve a Hawai‘i Story: Help preserve key Hawai‘i stories.

Donations are Tax Deductible. Donors will receive a tax deduction letter. Please consult an accountant for tax advice.

Donation Methods: Pay by check and mail to “Bizgenics” mailed to 1012 18th Ave. Honolulu, HI, 96816 or pay by credit card via the following form:


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    Credits, Cameos, Social Media & More!

    *Top Tier Credits: Logo panels appear for 2-3 seconds to ensure readability and comfortable pacing. Panels can be single logos for higher levels and multiple sponsor logos per panel (for example, a logo in a 3x group is three sponsor logos on a single panel). Packages indicate Opening Credit and End Credit placements. Top Tier Sponsor Packages also include logo placement on the website homepage, print promotions and social media mentions. Sponsors of packages that include logos must upload their logos, 1G maximum file size, to this website in vector art (AI or EPS) format.
    **Cameos: Cameos included in Sponsor Packages appear in the end credits, either along with the sponsor's  logo placement or elsewhere in the end credits with sponsor title caption. Cameo production is provided by the sponsor. There is no limit as to number of people who can appear in the cameo. Sponsors must upload 1G maximum file size cameo videos or still pictures to this website.

    Shaka Contest Sponsor Opportunity

    “Shaka, A Story of Aloha” is a documentary that includes a live Shaka Contest slated for Spring 2022. A crowd of 6,000 attendees, both visitors and locals are expected at Sunset on the Beach, Waikiki. While the contest is intended to become an annual event, the inaugural event is the final production shot for the film’s opening GREEN ROOM SCENE (to drive a flashback quest to discover the proper way to throw a Shaka) and a GRAND FINALE SCENE (to make the concept of aloha and ohana visible).

    The Event

    During the event, Hawaii’s top film and TV director, Bryan Spicer and Sight & Sound Productions will produce scenes for the film. Operations involving multiple cameras, booms and drones will be part of the experience. Audience members have a chance to be in the film. Key scenes include:

    • GREEN ROOM scene in the early afternoon.
    • RED CARPET arrival segment.
    • SHAKA SHOW featuring: Sneak-peeks and behind-the-scenes segments on a large projection screen; Music sets including the film’s soundtrack songs and anthem, “Power of Aloha” performed by Henry Kapono and Hawai‘i headliners, and; A Shaka Contest reprising Kupuna from the film as judges.

    Social Influencers & Press

    The event is designed to empower social media influencers by providing key access in the form of stagefront corrals. Corrals will be sponsored by social platforms such as Instagram, TikTok and Facebook. Top influencers will be pre-credentialed and additional influencers will be admitted on-site as space permits. Influencers will also have Red Carpet access to arriving VIPs. A friendly competition among Corrals as groups will be held to determine which groups get SWAG bags of varying levels (perks may be tied to sponsor messaging goals and film production fundraising). Traditional Press will be afforded a Press Tent and Red Carpet access.

    Sponsorship Opportunities

    This film is an opportunity to be tied to Hawai‘i, the Aloha Spirit and the Shaka.

    Shaka Contest Plot


    What is a Group?

    A Group is a school, company, family, organization or other group that is registers as part of the Shaka Ohana to aggregate attributed donor contributions to build the Group's supporter level. Groups may attain varying levels of movie credit and cameo appearances, For more, see Register a Group »

    How do Sponsors Differ from Groups?

    They're similar in that they both work to the same Supporter Packages. However, Sponsors are typically companies, organizations or individuals who simply donate a lump sum of cash to secure a Supporter Package. Entities can alternatively sign up as a Group. Sponsor »

    Are Supporter Levels Limited?

    No. While many programs limit the number of top level sponsorships, this program acknowledges that the Shaka story is for all of Hawaii's people and as such seeks to be entirely inclusive and sharing with this story. There are no limitations on number or type of supporters. For example, all media outlets are welcome to participate and no exclusives will be offered. 

    Are In-Kind Donations Acceptable for Supporter Packages?

    Yes, but they must be approved of by the production team. This may include media and promotional services, logo merchandise, production services and other value adds to the film.

    Can individuals get credits and cameos on their own?

    Yes. Individual donors get credits for their contributions based on the supporter Packages schedule shown above. If Individuals wish a cameo of their own, they may contribute as a Sponsor »

    Can I attribute to multiple groups or individuals?

    Yes. To do so, make multiple contributions and attribute accordingly. For example, for Contribution A, name Group X and Individual Acknowledgement Y, then submit. Next, start a second Contribution B, name a different Group Y and Individual Acknowledgement Z, then submit, and so on...

    What is a Credit?

    A Credit is a text or graphic logo recognition of a specific person or entity. The minimum donation for a Credit is $100. Donors may indicate an acknowledgements name when contributing. Donations may also be anonymous. Depending upon supporter level, placement and visibility varies. Supporters qualifying for logo placements are responsible for providing their own vector logo art and uploading such art  on this website.

    What is a Cameo?

    A cameo is a video clip or still photograph of a person or people. For this project, cameos should be about the Shaka whether people are throwing or making them. Groups that qualify for cameos may include any number of participants in a cameo. 

    How are cameos shot?

    Supporters qualifying for cameos are responsible for taking their own video footage or still photography, ideally high resolution, and uploading content of up to 1G files on this website. If you qualify for a cameo and require video recording assistance, Contact Us » 

    Do you have promotional materials for Groups?

    Yes. Fliers and suggested social posts are included on this website. See Promote »