How one man’s misfortune became the secret to peace, happiness & love


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Fundraising Goals

  • PHASE 1 COMPLETED: 30-min documentary $300K goal.
  • PHASE 2: Enhance to feature length, add $200K.
  • PHASE 3: Variable Marketing Budget (Film Festivals & Premieres), add up to $500K.
Phase 2 Goal$325,000Raised$500,000

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If you love Hawai‘i, contribute to help preserve this iconic story. By supporting, you’ll be sharing the values of the Shaka and the spirit of aloha. The world is sorely in need of a dose of hang loose positivity and you can help.

Any amount is appreciated, but $100+ gets you a personal movie credit. Also, like choosing your favorite high school to support when checking out at the grocery store, you will be able to dedicate Giving Points to a Group of your choice to help it build its Supporter Package Level (1 Giving Point for every dollar donated). Groups aggregating 10K+ in Giving Points get a cameo in the film.

Donations are tax deductible. Donors will receive a tax deduction letter. Please consult an accountant for tax advice. To support, complete the form below:

Shaka Summit »

The Shaka Summit is a thought leader visioning series on how to leverage the Shaka gesture to make Hawaiʻi and the world beyond a better place. The storyline and it’s essential learnings have spurned many to action, thus this series seeks to coordinate and synergize interested parties to work together for the good of all.

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This is a prime opportunity to prove you’re a vital part of Hawai‘i. By supporting, you’ll be sharing the values of the Shaka and the spirit of aloha. The world is sorely in need of a dose of hang loose positivity and you can help.

  • Build Your Brand: Be associated with the most iconic story Hawai‘i has to offer.
  • Teach Shaka Values: Use our Shaka Tools to teach peace, harmony, fulfillment & happiness.
  • Help Preserve a Hawai‘i Story: This is an important story that stands to be lost. Please support its preservation.

Donations are Tax Deductible. Donors will receive a tax deduction letter. Please consult an accountant for tax advice.

Donation Methods: By check to “Bizgenics” mailed to 1012 18th Ave. Honolulu, HI, 96816 or by credit card through the following form:

Shaka Curriculum »

Three hands-on experiences, targeted to middle and high school, are currently available in print at Amazon and online at  Commissioned by the State of Hawai‘i Workforce Development Counsel for the Youth Services Center system, this special edition design-thinking, innovation and entrepreneurship curriculum series teaches students how to conceptualize and create a small business.

  • Shaka origin, history, virtues and values meanings.
  • Hawaiian and local Hawai‘i cultural learning.
  • Design-thinking, innovation, entrepreneurship, financial literacy & leadership training.
  • Scaleable sessions (half- or multiple-day formats).
  • Separate teacher’s guide & student workbooks.

See Shaka Curriculum Info »

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Groups are invited to register free to be eligible for cameos. Groups may include companies, schools, organizations, families, friends, sports teams, clubs, government agencies, firehouses, police squads or any other group that wants to appear together in a cameo.

How it works

  • Sign Up as a Group. It’s free. Once your group is approved, it will appear in the individual donor form as an option to attribute donations.
  • Get Giving Points. Like donating points to a favorite high school at the grocery store, film donors dedicate Giving Points to a group of their choice. Each donor dollar receives one Giving Point. Aggregated Giving Points qualify groups for Supporter Packages that include cameos and end credits. Also, donors contributing at least $100 receive a personal end credit. Donations are tax deductible.
  • 10K+ Giving Points = Cameo. Groups may have as many people in their cameo as desired. Higher Giving Points can gain longer cameos.

To Register, complete this form:

  • 10K Giving Points = 1.5 second cameo, 25K = 2 second cameo, etc.
  • Upload a logo for possible sponsor placements.
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    Accepted file types: jpg, gif, png, pdf, ai, eps, Max. file size: 50 MB, Max. files: 5.

    Submit Shaka Art »

    If you love Hawai‘i, this project is for you!

    The public, both in and outside Hawai‘i, is invited to participate in this project by submitting artwork for possible inclusion in the film and/or in promotions.

    We call this “Democratized Filmmaking.” Our goal: involve as many Hawai‘i people and fans as possible to share the power of the Shaka.

    A variety of categories ranging from K-12 classroom challenges to adult professional challenges have been created. Design briefs are provided on this page. And teachers: see our special edition Shaka Curriculum for K-12 students!


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