Shaka Summit

The Shaka Summit is a thought leader series on how to leverage the Shaka gesture to make Hawaiʻi, and the world beyond, a better place. The film’s essential learnings have spurned many to action, thus this series seeks to coordinate interested parties to work together for the good of all.

2021 Sessions

While the Shaka Summit first began as a face-to-face series, pandemic concerns resulted in a change to sessions being held online. Sessions feature noteworthy thinkers in 60-minute brainstorms on a key topic area. Sessions are taped and will be posted online for future reference.

  • 7/27: Protecting Hawaiʻi Stories – The Shaka is arguably Hawaiʻi’s most iconic story. Session topics include pono use of the Shaka and fostering “moʻolelo” to preserve Hawaiian history, legends, genealogy and traditions of the Hawaiian people
  • 9/28: Connecting Japan & Hawai‘i Cultures – The word “Shaka” is a Japanese word meaning “Fear not, go for it” that derives from Japan’s Shakyamuni Buddha (aka “Shaka-sama”) and brought to Hawaiʻi by Japanese and Okinawan plantation workers. Session topics include connecting cultures and cultural exchanges to build a strong bridge between Japan, Okinawa and Hawai‘i.
  • 10/5: Fostering “Malama” Tourism – The Shaka is an ideal way to bring to life the virtues and values of the aloha spirit for both visitors and locals alike. Session topics include educating visitors on responsible and respectful travel, managing down trending visitor satisfaction in a post-COVID market and building local resident acceptance and support for the tourism industry.
  • 10/19: Educating Keiki with Shaka Virtues & Values – The Shaka is an ideal way to bring to life the virtues and values of the aloha spirit thus is ideal for educational use. Session topics include creating project-based, cultural, social-emotional and empowerment curriculum through the Shaka.
  • 10/26: Building Hawaiʻi Businesses & Brands – The Shaka is not only Hawaiʻi’s most recognizable icon and thus a key brand element but also an ideal way to bring to life the virtues and values of the aloha spirit. Session topics include growing Hawaiʻi’s brand and economy in authentic and responsible ways, and teaching the aloha spirit through leadership, DEI (Diversity, Equity & Inclusion training), CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) and other training.
  • 11/16: Aloha ‘Aina EcologyHamana Kalili, the original Shaka man, went on to become the master fisherman of La‘ie, with a responsibility to both feed the people and maintain the viability of the reef.  This session focuses on leveraging the Shaka to foster sustainability strategies.

7/27 Hawai‘i Stories Speakers

  • Steve Sue (moderator)
  • Kumu Lono Ikuwa
  • Andrew Rosen
  • Alex Bocchieri
  • Kekela Miller
  • Joel “Uncle Baldie” Apuakehau
  • Mary Aipoalani
  • Pake Salmon
  • Gill Berger

9/28 Connecting JP & HI Speakers

  • Sen. Glenn Wakai (moderator)
  • Hideto “Chip” Aoki
  • Nalani Jenkins
  • Eric Takahata
  • Glenn Furuya
  • Steve Sue

10/5 Fostering Malama Tourism Speakers

  • Steve Sue (moderator)
  • Matthew Grauso
  • Denise Hayashi Yamaguchi
  • Henry Kapono
  • Lezlee Kapono
  • John Sereni
  • Vicky Cayetano

10/19 Educating Keiki Speakers

  • First Lady Dawn Ige (moderator)
  • Darrel Galera
  • Edison Chong
  • Gerald Teramae
  • Allicyn Tasaka
  • Ian Kitajima
  • Mark Loughridge
  • Henry Kapono
  • Lezlee Kapono
  • Steve Sue

10/26 Building Hawai‘i Business

  • Sen. Glenn Wakai (moderator)
  • Bryan Spicer
  • Daniel Chun
  • Harvey Rackmil
  • Valerie Wang
  • Henry Kapono
  • Lezlee Kapono
  • Steve Sue

11/16 Aloha ‘Aina Ecology

  • Christian Whitney
  • Pake Salmon
  • Damien Beri
  • Marisa Buhr
  • Steve Sue

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