Present a FREE Sneak!

From June-December 2023, groups can host free “Sneak-Peek” viewings of the documentary, “Shaka, A Story of Aloha.”

    • Sneaks must be free. No entry or viewing fees may be charged as a sneak-peek is a non-commercial test viewing of a work in progress.
    • Sneaks are pre-premiere test runs that include a 1-minute Exit Survey to gather audience sentiments to aid final editing of the film.
    • Fundraising is allowed for associated events before or after sneaks such as paid workshops, cocktails, meals and auctions. Companies are also invited to use sneaks as Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) experiences for employees.
    • Presenters control their own guest list. An RSVP system is suggested to meet capacity limits. If you don’t have access to a theater, local movie theaters commonly rent for approximately $150/hour. Typical movie theaters seat, 200-300.
    • For Oahu sneaks, we target at least 100 viewers. For non-Oahu sneaks, we target at least 200 viewers, ideally larger. We may agree to smaller groups on a case-by-case basis – make a plea.
    • 2 hours is an ideal amount of time as the film is a 60-minute feature documentary. This allows for showing the film, completing the survey and running a short Q&A. Shorter sneaks with selected clips are possible.
We Provide
  1. The Film
  2. Exit Survey (via QR code posters)
  3. Q&A (appearances by film creative team members)
You Provide
  1. Location (w/projection & audio system)
  2. Invites
  3. Check-in
  4. If not Oahu, provide travel, ground transportation, meals & lodging for 2-3 of our team. In some cases, travel costs may be already paid for by others or may be shared by multiple presenters. Inquire for our travel schedule to see if others have booked for showings near you.
Event Format
  1. Welcome Intro
  2. Film
  3. Exit Survey
  4. Filmmaker Q&A

Presenter Inquiries