Production Schedule

Production Units

“Shaka, the Power of Aloha” is a unique “democratized filmmaking” project with multiple ways for the public to participate in the making of this film. This movement is structured to be inclusive to as many people as possible as the Shaka is both a global story and the answer to cure the ills of today’s troubled times. Our goal is to unite and help the world heal itself.

Opening Scene, Global Cinematographers

This is an opportunity for professional cinematographers to contribute short clips for the opening scene. 

Interviews, Oahu Cultural Unit

A local Oahu crew, lead by director Alex Bocchieri and producer Bryson Chun, is hard at work capturing interviews of history experts and those who personally knew Tutu Hamana. This crew is also tasked with capturing b-roll for the film.

Epic Scenes, Oahu Unit

A local crew, directed by Bryan Spicer and produced by Hawai‘i Sight & Sound Productions, is slated to shoot three epic scenes: a Hukilau produced by the town of La‘ie; a car re-enactment scene to illustrate the concept of “Right on Kini Popo”, and; the final Shaka Contest scene at Sunset on the Beach.

Animation & Titles

Short 2-frame animations are being accepted for use in the film as part of montages. General animation for the film is being lead by animation director Karen Brizendine.

Music & Sound Design

A theme song is being written by music director Henry Kapono. The goal is a verse per scene with matching guest soloists for each scene. The song will be video and sound recorded with all soloists in a single studio, a la “We Are the World” and released prior to the film to help raise visibility for the project.

Cameo Submissions

Guaranteed Cameos are available by supporter packages to both individuals and groups. Cameos increase in length and visibility depending upon amount of donation. Submissions for un-guaranteed cameos can be done through Video and Picture Art Submissions. See Supporter Packages »

Art & Craft Submissions

Designs for animation, stickers, t-shirts and other arts and crafts may be contributed for both inclusion to the film and promotions. See Submit Art »

2021 Production Schedule

COVID-allowing, the project is scheduled for completion by the end of December, 2021. Key Dates include:

  • Art Submissions, April-Sept: public submissions of 2-frame animations, video & photo shakas, and logo merchandise designs.
  • Oahu Interviews, Present-Nov: La‘ie residents, plantation life experts, Shakyamuni experts, surf culture experts.
  • La‘ie Hukilau, July: A b-roll shoot with 150 men pulling hukilau, 2-3,000 person luau & Ali‘i Parade. Town of La‘ie producing the event at Hukilau Beach (formerly known as “Hamana Beach”).
  • Soundtrack Recording, Fall: Title song with soloists in studio. Video and sound recordings.
  • Shaka Contest, Nov: At Sunset on the Beach, Waikiki. With Interviewees as judges, contestants in shaka-off groups, sound track performance, sample scenes projected.
  • Rough Cut, Dec 2021: A completed piece by end of year.
  • Premiere, Spring 2022