Get That Group Cameo!


Ask the public and your members to attribute donations to your group with the tools on this page. Key messaging includes:

  • The Desire to Support Your Group Ohana.
  • The Need for Positivity & Shaka Values.
  • The Desire to Be Connect to Hawai‘i.
  • The Need to Protect Hawai‘i Stories & Culture.
  • Movie Credits & Cameos.


Shaka Film Flyer

Shaka Flyer: Download PDF »

Shaka Meanings Map

Email Introduction

Ask the public and your members to attribute donations to your group with the following content (or in your own words) —

Aloha __________!

In the wake of COVID-19 and today’s acid politics, the world is sorely in need of a chill pill and a bit of positivity. Enter “Shaka, A Story of Aloha,” a heart-felt documentary designed to help us find the hero within and better our communities.

It’s a true, 110 year old story on the origin and meanings of the Shaka gesture that begins in La‘ie, on the island of Oahu. Slated as a 30-minute documentary, it’s a multi-cultural story that features layers from Hawaiians, Mormons, Japanese/Okinawans, local townies and the surf/extreme sports world.

Kamehameha Schools has generously provided 20% of the production budget plus two key Kumu as cultural experts to start filming and design a companion design-thinking curriculum for K-12 students, companies and organizations. An all-star production team has signed on including co-executive producer Bryan Spicer (Five-O, Magnum PI), award-winning local director Alex Boccheiri and music director Henry Kapono.

Ways You Can Help: 

  1. Join the Movement: Donate $100+ and you will get a personal End Credit in the movie! Donate »
  2. Support Our Cameo Group: When you donate, you can dedicate Giving Points to a group (each dollar gets one point). Any group that gains at least 10K points, gets a cameo in the film.
  3. Share this Message: Post on social or email asking your friends and family to:

Join me in supporting the “Shaka, A Story of Aloha” documentary so we can get a group cameo and credits! Donate $100+ and get your own personal End Credit! See the story and donate at

Optional References & Attachments

Social Posts

Ask the public and your members to attribute donations to your group with the following post content:

  • Cameos anyone? We’re trying to earn a group cameo in the upcoming film “Shaka, the Power of Mana” and we need your help. Please mark [__group name__] when giving at
  • Do you love Hawai‘i? Join us in the Shaka Movement. Please mark [__group name__] when giving at
  • 2021. The world needs a little positivity and aloha spirit. Show your love by marking [__group name__] when giving at

Make Memes!

Memes are social media posts that combine slogans over pictures that tell the story. Use our slogans below to share the shaka!

Fun Kine Slogans

Ono from “Oh No!”; Crackseed, no Wise Crack; Kahuku Kine; Spam is my Jam; Hang Loose fo’ Hang Ten; Love from La‘ie; Chee-Hoo no Boo-Hoo!; Right On Kini Popo!; Slippahs fo’ No Slip Up!; For a “Honu” World; Made with Mahalo; Da Kine for Da Kine; To Shake, or Not to Shaka…

Positivity & Hope Slogans

Something from Nothing; Grace from Grit; Success by Sharing; Epic from Extreme; Paradise from Positivity; Happiness from Hope; Can from No Can; Greatness from Giving; Heaven from Hardship; Aloha for All; Nirvana from Nature; Thrive through Thanks, A Lot from a Little, Paradise Means Plenty.

Motto & Cameo Slogans

The Power of Mana; Fear Not, It’s OK, Go For It!; Share the Shaka; Share the Aloha, Happiness by Hamana, Be a Part of Hawai‘i History, Join Our Shaka Ohana, If You Love Hawai‘i, Join Us; Shake Up the World, Join Our Group!; Cameo Anyone? Join Us!