Shaka Fun Kine Series Stickers (12 set)


2.5″ Diameter Shaka Fun Kine Stickers (12 Set)

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2.5″ diameter Shaka Stickers featuring Shaka values mottos of: “Ono from ‘Oh No!'”, “Hang Loose fo’ Hang Ten”, Slippahs Fo’ No Slip Ups!”, “Crackseed no Wise Crack”, “Love from La‘ie”, For a ‘Honu’ World”, “Kahuku Kine”, “Chee-hoo no Boo-Hoo!”, “Made with Mahalo”, “Spam is my Jam”, “Right On Kini Popo!”, “Da Kine Fo’ Da Kine”.

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Highly durable & waterproof. Board stickers, car windows, water bottles and more.


2.5" Diameter.