#80 | Steve Sue | Project Shaka, paradise is a state of mind, and how to respectfully move Hawai’i

July 15, 2024 |
Steve Sue is a social venturer and jack-of-all trades from California. He is most known for innovation and entrepreneurship programs including Lemonade Alley, Project Lemon Tree and bizgym.com. He started out as a home builder founding bedrock development, INC. and also serves as the chairman of Bizgenics, a Hawaii-based 501(C)(3) specializing in creativity, innovation, and entrepreneurship programs. Most recently he is working on a documentary called Shaka, A story of Aloha about the origin and meaning of the Shaka Gesture and Shaka Pledge, a free “live aloha” sticker campaign. Lastly, he is the head of ID8 studios which is a digital media soundstage operated for the state of Hawai’i. His career includes over 25 years as a story expert, conceptualist, startup guy and venturer in entertainment, hospitality, food service, retail, product and software. In this episode we talk about Project Shaka, the meaning and history of the Shaka, his social ventures, moving to Hawai’i and giving back to the community, his psychedelic trip, and so much more. Enjoy!