We successfully launched the Shaka Summit on July 27, 2021 with a session on “Protecting Cultural Stories.” This was the first pau hana event of our thought leader visioning series on how to leverage the Shaka gesture to make Hawaiʻi and the world beyond a better place.

Distinguished Guests

Shaka Co-Executive Producer Steve Sue moderated a lively discussion with guests that included Kumu Lono Ikuwa, Aunty Kela Miller and Uncle Baldie of Laʻie, Shaka Director Alex Bocchieri, Shaka Editor Deborah Miller, Native Hawaiian Artist Pake Salmon, and Andrew Rosen of Summit Media among others. Everyone enjoyed delicious pupus from Haili’s Hawaiian Food provided by Uli Cutter, dessert made by Karen Asato, and refreshments courtesy of Shaka Tea.

Kupuna Insights

The Shaka is arguably Hawaiʻi’s most iconic story. Therefore, the theme of this session was the pono use of the Shaka and fostering “moʻolelo” to preserve Hawaiian history, legends, genealogy and traditions of the Hawaiian people. Some key takeaways were the acknowledgement of an abundance of cultural stories that need to be told, else be lost forever. The storytelling should originate from the point of view of the Kupuna themselves. Also suggested was the idea to tell these stories through the tradition of Hawaiian song, as music can evoke powerful emotions. 

Upcoming Shaka Summit Sessions

ICYMI (in case you missed it), you can watch the highlight video for this and future sessions that will be posted on our Shaka Summit page and on our Shaka YouTube channel. Upcoming Shaka Summit sessions include “Fostering Malama Tourism,” “Building Hawaiʻi Businesses & Brands,” “Educating Keiki with Shaka Virtues & Values,” “Connecting Japan & Hawai‘i Cultures,” “Preserving Hawaiʻi’s Surfing Identity,” and “Aloha ‘Aina Ecology.” In person attendance is by invitation only, although events will also be livestreamed on social media. For Information on how to attend as a guest, contact us.