Steve Sue & Bryan Spicer Shaka Movie GroupShaka, the Power of Mana welcomes Co-Executive Producer Bryan Spicer and Hawaii Sight & Sound Productions to the production team. Bryan’s role as co-Exec Producer is to ensure that the film is smartly produced and has top quality entertainment value. Over the past several months, he has offered advice on how to make this an efficient shoot with great impact. He’ll also step in to direct a few epic scenes (COVID allowing) like a La‘ie Hukilau (July, 2021) including thousands of Polynesian extras and a closing Shaka Contest scene at Sunset on the Beach in Waikiki (Nov, 2021).

The Sizzle Team

Hawai‘i Sight & Sound Productions, the largest production company in Hawai‘i and owned by Spicer, is also involved in the production, providing equipment and crew. Key players for HSS include Kevin Sawicki, a director and top drone specialist, Polina Gorman, a director and editor, and Rachel Kealoha, a creative director and lead photographer. Other HSS crew providing support include Audrey Lounsbury and Michelle JoAnn.

A Melting Pot of Talent

Tutu Hamana, the subject of the film, would be proud to see the HSS team come together with the Cultural Team led by local director Alex Bocchieri, associate producer Bryson Chun and editor Deb Miller who have done a tremendous job in shooting interviews and driving the production for over a year now. The ease with which we were able to fold in Bryan’s team is truly heat-warming.

Shaka Stewardship

This project is already proving to be a very good example of the power of the Shaka. Values of cooperation, collaboration, humility and stewardship are coming together and the delivery of a timeless classic is looking entirely feasible. Huge mahalo to all participants for their amazing self-less contributions and for living the Shaka Spirit.